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James Akee - TSI Mainland | Community, Meriam, Language, Strait, Torres, Elders, Involved, Youth | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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James Akee Alternative Director

p 07 4772 7679
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I am a 56 year old Meriam (from Mer Island) Torres Strait. I have a wife, five daughters and seventeen grand- children. I have been studying my language for the past four years formally at the Batchelor Institute in Northern Territory and with Meriam Elders on Mer - getting to speak Meriam Mir (the name of the Meriam language)fluently.

I work for my local council on various projects and I am heavily involved with community work. This year (2006) I have enrolled at Curtin University to undertake a degree in Indigenous Community Management and Development Program - which I feel will strengthen my community involvement. I have been involved with community organisations since 1972 but I always look forward to learning new things every day from Elders and youth I associate with.

My vision for the future is to continue assisting my community and to preserve my language and culture which is the catalyst of my identity. Language is very important to me as it is a divine gift from the Creator. I hope in some way that all of us at FATSIL continue to work towards preserving and maintaining our diversified languages of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples of Australia.