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Access to the content of language materials | Publications, Materials, Press, Communities, Often, Indigenous, Grammars, Aboriginal | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Communities want to be able to interpret and use what is recorded in, and published about, their languages. Many publications about languages are very theoretical and require linguistic training to be read and understood. Technical grammars and dictionaries are immensely valuable as bases for practical materials for language learning and teaching. However materials such as these are read by very few people and there are often not many copies of them available. These relatively inaccessible materials represent a huge body of work on endangered languages in Australia and contain a lot of important research which needs to be made more useful to communities.

In recent years, learners’ dictionaries and grammars of various languages have been published and the content of these publications are often more accessible and more useful to members of communities who are relearning and revitalising their languages. Aboriginal Studies Press and IAD Press have numerous examples of publications which take into account the learning and literacy needs of Indigenous audiences. Many of the publications are authored or co-authored by Indigenous people.7

7 See list of organisations at the end of this guide for details of how to contact Aboriginal Studies Press and IAD Press.