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The role of schools | Language, Teachers, Community, Classroom, Schools, Lessons, Development, Skills | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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In some locations, schools play a crucial role as a delivery point for language projects which are initiated in, and controlled by, the community. These language programs are of central importance to the students’ academic progress, personal development and cultural pride. In schools with effective language teaching programs, community language teachers are recognised as valued members of staff, contributing in meaningful ways to school policies, plans and schedules and involved in professional development opportunities.

Trained classroom teachers have skills that they can pass on to community language teachers. These skills include lesson planning, creating age/stage appropriate resources and classroom management techniques. During the language lessons, classroom teachers can continue to be supportive of the community teacher by showing interest in, and being respectful of, the content of the lessons, and by being prepared to learn alongside the students