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Recognition | Language, Publication, Publications, Recognition, Community, Produced, Consultants, Royalties | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander contributors should be properly credited for their input into any language project or publication, eg the names of individuals, and/or the language community as a whole, need to appear in a prominent place in the publication. Publications contain the cultural and intellectual property which belongs to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities and due recognition needs to be made.

Wherever a language publication is sold widely, recognition must also include royalties, though many people realise that many language publications are produced on a non-profit basis and that often sales do not cover the cost of production. Some language publications are produced for limited circulation and it is mostly the consultant, school and community members who will buy copies. However, it is strongly symbolic that royalties, regardless of how small the amount, are put back into the local language program.

Consultants also need to be acknowledged for their contributions to a publication. Consultants bring to language projects skills and knowledge which complement and build on those of the community