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Sharing Culture Online – Connecting Kids with Culture Education and Communities | Culture, Sharing, Indigenous, Community, Language, System, Communities, Maymuru | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres S
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Sharing Culture Online
Sharing Culture Online
Sharing Culture Online is a revolutionary new system to help Aboriginal and other Indigenous communities to record, store and assist with passing on language and knowledge on a wide scale. The easy to use system lets you create digital talking dictionaries, use your own images to produce bi-lingual talking books, facts and jigsaw puzzles.


Sharing Culture Online is community managed and controlled, all you need is an account and you can be recording language instantly. There’s no installation or set up, just log in and start adding content. The online nature means no lost data if you computer fails and information can be accessed anywhere any time, as long as there’s a computer with internet connection.

Sharing Culture Online is currently being used by Community Organisations, Language Centres, Schools, Universities and homes across Australia. Interest is growing internationally with requests from Native American tribes to adapt the system for the US. Sharing Culture Pty Ltd is an Indigenous owned and operated Company, Managed by Gadj (Yolngu) and Jodie (Maori) Maymuru. Sharing Culture Online has been developed by Indigenous people, for Indigenous and non-Indigenous people of all ages, encouraging the wider community to learn something about Aboriginal people and languages. Kids, even down to kindergarten level, can start to enjoy and learn our languages.

For more information and a free 14 day trial of Sharing Culture Online, visit

Article by Jodie Maymuru