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VOTL Title
VOTL Title
Our quarterly newsletter Voice of the Land covers news on all aspects of community language programs, policy development, education and Government agency involvement.

It is distributed nationally to a wide range of individuals, class groups, tertiary institutions and community and government organisations.

Several articles from Voice of the Land have been adapted for this web site. See the index of on-line articles.

VOTL Banner
VOTL Banner
Another regular feature is the Language of the Month article. This series consists of stories on languages produced by Aboriginal people and approved by the respective community elders for publication on the Internet. Each story establishes the locality of the language, describes its current status and features text written in the language. Some have sound recordings in the language. See the Language of the Month Index.

VOTL CoverSingle copies of The Voice of the Land are available free to interested people and institutions. If you would like a copy of an issue, or you would like to be placed on the subscription list, please contact us.

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