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MOVEMENT TO AWARD WAGES PROGRAM | Award, Slater, Draft, Language, Officer, Centres, Directed, Atsic | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
The draft copy of the Movement to Award wages for language workers has been circulated to all regions. FATSIL has facilitated several meetings with ATSIC Industrial Relations Officer Wes Slater, who addressed the issue with delegates for dissemination to the State Language Centres.

Mr. Slater has directed that further action on the program will need input from Regional Centres and individual language workers. He stressed that all who have received a copy of the Draft Award should consider the issues it covers.

Draft copies of the Award can be obtained from the Australian Services Union.

Inquiries and feedback should be directed to Lisa Heap, contact officer at the A.S.U. Ph. No. 03 93481788.
Wes Slater is also available to provide assistance and can be contacted at ATSIC, Industrial policy Section. Post Office Box 17, Woden, ACT 2606. Telephone 06 289 3161. Fax No. 06 2825027