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STATE MEETING IN PERTH | Language, Perth, Funding, Delegates, Atsic, Fatsil, Next, Funds | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture

ATSIC's funding for West Australian language Initiative Programs for 1996/1997 was a key topic on the agenda at the recent State Language meeting held in Perth. The meeting was attended by two representatives from each of the six Language Centres, as well as FATSIL delegates Lester Coyne and June Oscar.

Planning for the next State meeting is dependant on the availability of funds, as are a number of other projects discussed by the group.

Other topics on the agenda were:
* The funding roles of FATSIL, State Delegates, ATSIC State Advisory Committee and the ATSIC Board of Commissioners.
* Possible formation of a State Language committee
* Funding for a State Coordinator
* Increase in the number of State delegates for W.A.

The participants were in favour of the next State Meeting being held in Perth in May 1996. (Subject to Grant funds being obtained).

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