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NLLIA RECOMMENDATIONS UNDERWAY | Review, Bull, Fatsil, Language, Centres, Recommendations, Program, Atsic | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
At the governing committee meeting of FATSIL held in January, attention was given to the report BACKING AUSTRALIAN LANGUAGES. This was the review of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages Initiatives Program conducted in 1995 by Dr. Richard Bauldouf Jun.

Stemming from this review came the recommendation (A.1.) that the ATSILIP program be continued for a further five years. This has been confirmed by ATSIC.

Here are other recommendations from the review which are currently being implemented :

• A.6. Plans are underway to establish a biennial national conference of all funded language Centres and Organisations.

• A.7. Work has begun to a prepare a detailed needs analysis for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages. This national project is being overseen by FATSIL and ATSIC and will in¬volve input from all states.

• A.8. FATSIL has begun coordinating a review of all language retrieval, revival and maintenance activities. It is intended that this be funded every four years to update the language situation.

• B.6. The implementation of language programs in schools is being encouraged, through funding allocated under the LOTE program. At present a number of centres around Australia have instigated programs for students.

• Recommendations C.1., C.4. and D.1. of the NLLIA Review deal with the role of FATSIL in assisting ATSILIP, and taking steps to make better known the work and achievements of the language Centres and Organisations.

All centres are encouraged to use the FATSIL newsletter to communicate with and update knowledge of other regions.