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ATSIC SURVEYS COMMUNITY LANGUAGE NEEDS | Language, Needs, Survey, Atsic, Centre, Culture, Heritage, Hill | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
Language Expo at the Brisbane Conven¬tion & Exhibition Centre
Language Expo at the Brisbane Conven¬tion & Exhibition Centre
In response to a recommendation contained in the the 1995 report, Backing Australian Languages : Review of the Aboriginal and 'Torres Strait Islander Languages Initiatives Program, a Survey of Community Language Needs is currently being co-ordinated through ATSIC.

Nikki McCoy and Eliza Hill, from the Land Heritage and Culture Section have begun the task of collecting information on the status of Indigenous languages and the current maintenance activity which supports them. The survey will cover language centre and project work, recording, broadcasting, school and publications programs, translator and interpreter services, Data will also be collected on the outcomes of recent language maintenance activity. This will provide an in¬formation base and suggest directions for future work. The Needs Survey will be conducted, in the first stage, by consultants employed through designated regional language organisations, with funds directed.
This year's NLLIA Language Expo at the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre will include displays from more than 135 organisations drawn from every State and Territory in Australia.From Central to Regional Offices for this purpose. It is hoped that people working in language and language maintenance will see this process as an opportunity to express their ideas about the needs of the languages they work on and to contribute constructively to the future direction of Indigenous language work.

Any queries should be addressed to Ms Eliza Hill or Ms Nikki McCoy, Senior Project Officer, Land Heritage and Culture Section, ATSIC, GPO Box 17, Woden ACT 2606, Phone: 06 289 3369 or 289 8871.