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Kebi Kazil Centre | Children, Kebi, Kazil, Centre, Language, Torres, Strait, Island | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Children at Kebi Kazil busy making Easter decorations
Children at Kebi Kazil busy making Easter decorations
After school care doesn't mean just the usual round of snacks and games for children at the "Kebi Kazil" centre in Townsville. Under a pilot. program which started here in March, the children at Kebi Kazil have the opportunity to experience the sounds and sights associated with their traditional cultures.

Centre Coordinator -Sandra Santo has the assistance of Torres Strait Island elders in teaching the children the Torres Strait Islander traditional languages.

Meriam Mir (Eastern Island Language). Kala Lagaw Ya (Western Island Language), and Torres Strait Island Creole.

The programme, which has recently been extended to include Vacation Care. captures the imagination of the children through games, stories, songs. art and craft, music and excursions.

Around 20 children attend at present, travelling to the centre by bus which collects them from home or the nearby schools.
The name "Kebi Kazil" means "Small Children". "Kebi" means "small" in Eastern Torres Strait language and "Kazil" from the Western Torres Strait language means "children".

The centre is located at 88 Ross River Road, Townsville.


In other news from North Queensland. FATSIL delegate Francis Tapim tells us that. the Townsville Mer Council of Elders (Mer Tarim Le) will be running courses in the Meriam Mir language.

These classes will also be held at the Kebi Kazil Centre and teaching duties will be shared by the 16 members of the Council of Elders. Classes will begin in mid- July.