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ATSIC Survey Update | Survey, Stage, Language, Consultants, Indigenous, Communities, Needs, Community | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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from Eliza Hill 

Consultants and employees of Language Centres are currently working on Stage 1 of the Needs Survey of Community Languages. The intention of the Survey is to gather accurate information on the status of Indigenous languages and the current language maintenance activity which supports them.

The Survey will gather information on language centre and project work, recording, broadcasting, school and publications, programmes, translator and interpreter services. The information gathered will provide an information base on indigenous languages: it will indicate what work has been produced to date, where future work is needed and how to best plan future language maintenance activities.

Importantly, Stage 1 of the Needs Survey is being conducted by consultants funded to visit communities to explain the aims and processes of the survey, and to report on community views.

In order to organise the material which will be produced by Stage 1 of the survey, it is important to know which communities Consultants are visiting and which languages they are covering.

Consultants conducting the survey (or the Language Centre) are therefore requested to provide Nikki McCoy or Eliza Hill with a list of the communities which will be visited and the
languages which will be covered during the first stage of the survey. This will give the coordinators an idea of the coverage of Stage 1 of the survey and will enable more effective planning of Stage 2.

Stage 2 of the survey will be sent out from Central Office to regions, language communities and interested parties not covered by the first stage.

One of the purposes of the FATSIL Newsletter, Voice of the Land, is to facilitate the sharing of information about indigenous languages. Likewise the Needs Survey of Community Languages aims to facilitate information sharing by creating an accurate information base on the outcomes of recent indigenous language maintenance activity.

Any queries may be addressed to Ms Eliza Hill, Senior Project Officer, Land Heritage and Culture Section, ATSIC, GPO Box 17, Woden ACT 2606, Telephone 06 289 3369 or 06 289 8871.