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Cultural Policy Framework | Policy, Cultural, Framework, Provide, Development, Values, Property, Identify | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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The final date for response to ATSIC's Cultural Policy framework has been set at October 31st to allow more time for contribution from all interested parties. From the preamble to the Policy comes this explanation of the aims and objectives. "This Framework will, through consultation with communities and stakeholder groups, provide a co-ordinated approach to the immense wealth and diversity of our indigenous cultural resources and provide a way of balancing the needs of industry development, job generation, and training, with the imperatives of maintenance, protection and integrity of our cultural heritage, property and values.

The Cultural Policy framework will identify policy priorities, and opportunities for sustainable cultural development over a ten year period."

Copies of the Policy proposals have been distributed to all language centres. Further advice can be obtained from Suzanne Ingram on 06 2893431 and Massoud Sabihi on 06 289 3484.