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June Oscar | June, Language, Fitzroy, Crossing, Aboriginal, Resource, Involved, Level | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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As a FATSIL delegate for the North of Western Australia. June Oscar is able to indulge her passion for languages while keeping up to date with projects around the country.

June comes from the small. town of Fitzroy Crossing and speaks, reads and writes her traditional language - BUNUBA. Fitzroy Crossing is also home to three other language groups; GOONIYANDI which has a close linguistic relationship with Bunuba, WANGKAJUNGA and WALMAJARRI, two migratory desert language groups.

Each of these groups is actively involved in work with the Kimberley Language Resource Centre and other organizations in and around Fitzroy Crossing.

In 1990 June was appointed as a commissioner for a two year term to the National Board of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Commission. This position gave June experience in understanding the political processes involved in Aboriginal affairs at the national level. As an ATSIC Commissioner she was also provided the opportunity to inform and assist the communities at the local and regional level.

In 1992 June was elected to the executive committee of the Kimberley Language Resource Centre,

June has assisted the K.L.R.C. with policy matters, research, bush meetings. planning, budgets and language work.

Today June lives in Broome but is still very active in the Fitzroy Crossing community.
She is presently working on the Aboriginal Cultural Health Plan for the Fitzroy Valley region.