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Art Show in the North West | Exhibition, Hard, Mervyn, Ronnie, Mother, Stories, Days, Water | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Mervyn Street and Ronnie Green
The Kimberley Language Resource Centre and Mangkaja Arts in Fitzroy Crossing recently staged an exhibition of paintings and drawings by Mervyn Street.

The collection entitled Ward'birra Gainba Warag-goo - They Got Water for Work was put together by Ronnie Green from Mangkaja Arts Resource Agency and presented a story in Gooniyandi language to accompany each item in the catalogue.


Mervyn Street, Ngalingkadji Community
The 15 items in the exhibition depicted the men and women of the Walmajarri and the Gooniyandi people involved in their often back-breaking work on the stations.

Prompted by the artist's childhood memories and the stories told to him by his mother and granny, the collection focuses on the importance of the water and the varied tasks of the carriers.

Ronnie Green in his notes says, "A whole life where you can rely on someone else and they can bring something for you. Real hard them days. I lost most of my people (from hard work), too hard."

The exhibition was the first in what will be a series dealing with local stories from station days.

“All that story there given by my mother and granny, that came from right back from all the old- people, from tong time."