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From Lester Coyne FATSIL Chairperson | Fatsil, Language, Members, Centres, Ability, Since, Aboriginal, Newsletter | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Since I commenced as West Australian delegate to FATSIL in March 1995, it is notable that delegates have effectively established great respect and appreciation of the individual experience, skills and ability of other members.

This approach, if maintained, will be beneficial to Language Centres, individual members and FATSIL as a national organisation with public responsibility.

As a result of the above, FATSIL, the peak body involved in overseeing Aboriginal language policy implementation, will increasingly develop the ability to draw upon lessons of the past, cater for the present and deal with the future on matters relating to Aboriginal Language.

FATSIL is nationally supported and sustained by a competent, under-resourced secretary, whose work and ability since my membership is second to none.

Ysola Best is to be applauded for her capacity to work under pressure, constantly meeting national needs and deadlines which other organisations with greater resources would find difficult to meet.

The development and production of a nationally distributed Aboriginal Language newsletter has produced immediate and positive results.

Interest from members and centres keen to use the newsletter continues to grow at a rate that will enable this valuable and important facility to become a permanent resource of FATSIL.

In closing I look forward to a productive period in FATSIL, representing Language centres around Australia. I welcome the opportunity to work with the new committee, and thank outgoing members for their contribution.

I call on all members, Language Centres and other agencies involved in language matters to cooperatively work together with a view to achieving equity, and importantly, unity in an age of decreasing funds and growing needs.

I thank staff and delegates for the support and trust afforded me since my membership, and look forward with confidence to a productive future.

Lester Coyne
Chairperson FATSIL
4th October 1996.