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New South Wales Indigenous Languages Framework | Framework, Aboriginal, Indigenous, Schools, Communities, Board, Curriculum, Australian | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Cu
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The Aboriginal Curriculum Unit of the NSW Board of studies is currently developing a framework that will provide guidelines and information for the teaching of NSW Indigenous Australian Languages.

The framework will not be a course for teaching Aboriginal languages, but will assist local Aboriginal communities and schools to develop their own courses. These can take their place alongside other Board approved courses in the school curriculum.

This framework is being developed in consultation with Aboriginal communities, government and non- government organisations and interested individuals.

It emphasises that the ownership and control of the languages remains with their custodians, owners and Aboriginal communities, and that schools will need to consult with the relevant community when developing a language program.

The Feasibility Study, which preceded development of the framework, refers to the achievements of individual projects where Indigenous Languages have been taught in schools or community groups in the past.

These have resulted in a noticeable increase in pride, confidence and sense of identity for children who for the first time are able to read and write stories in their own language.

The NSW Indigenous Australian Languages Framework is expected to he completed by the end of 1996.

Enquiries should be directed to :

Aboriginal Curriculum Unit
Office of the Board of Studies
35-51 Mitchell St.
McMahons Point
NSW 2060
PH: 02 9927 8332
Fax: 02 9923 2669