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Kmart links with language | Language, Kmart, Workshop, Workers, Aboriginal, Eleen, Similar, Projects | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Workers at the Wangkanyi Ngurra Tjurta Aboriginal Corporation Language Centre in Kalgoorlie were recently invited to take part in a cross- cultural workshop with staff at their local K-Mart.

The opportunity to discuss the challenges arising through language difference was welcomed by both staff and language workers.

Following on from the workshop, posters describing refund and exchange of goods policies were translated into Wangkatha.

The workshop was organized by Eleen Uink, through her role as Aboriginal Employment Coordinator at Kmart in Perth. Eleen has been involved with similar projects in Port Hedland and Karratha.
She was encouraged by the enthusiasm of the Kmart staff for the workshops, with a number of the staff expressing interest in attending language courses to improve their understanding and communication. The project was funded through DEET.