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Symposium looks to the future of languages | Symposium, Australia, Cultural, Diversity, Community, Government, Multicultural, National | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Cul
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Janet Collard (right) and Ivy Boyce
Janet Collard (right) and Ivy Boyce
Representatives from multi-cultural organisations around Australia attended the National Symposium " The Way Forward - Harnessing Australia's Cultural and Linguistic Diversity."

They joined with academics, community leaders, Commonwealth, State and Local Government figures in discussing the development of Government programs and future policy directions.

The symposium, held at the Canberra's National Convention Centre in July, was organised by the Federation of Ethnic Community Councils of Australia. Speakers addressed a range of issues related to employment, education, domestic and international economic policies. Also discussed were the social and cultural implications of increasing diversity, and the need to capitalise on the strengths of our multicultural society.

Photo: Two of the FATSIL representatives at the Canberra symposium "The Way Forward" were Janet Collard (right) and Ivy Boyce from Western Australia.