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Cairns TAFE College Indigenous Worker's Courses | Indigenous, Language, Courses, Tafe, Certificate, Cairns, Studies, Diploma | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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News comes from Cairns TAFE of the accreditation in June this year, of three courses for indigenous language workers. The TAFE is offering a choice of either certificate or diploma qualification with course lengths varying from 350 to 1451 hours.


The titles of the courses are: Certificate III in Indigenous Language Studies, Certificate IV in Indigenous Language Studies, and Diploma of Indigenous Australian Language Studies.

During the design and development of the courses, several themes emerged which shaped both the choice of content and the structure of the courses.

These were: Changing cultures/changing languages The Curriculum Advisory Committee discussed the role of Indigenous Australian languages in detail, including the meaning of the languages, the ties between language and culture and the way languages change and are adapted by the societies that use them.

The politics of education The Committee discussed the role of education in our society and the influences educational policies and strategies have had on indigenous Australians and their languages.

Cultural identification The restoration of self-esteem to indigenous Australians was identified as one of the major objectives of this course. Questions concerning personal cultural links need to be addressed before individuals are able to research, record and teach indigenous languages.

For more information please contact Wendy Ludwig, Cairns TAFE Phone 070 422422.