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Voice of the Land - Volume 04 | Atsic, Language, Within, Community, Portfolio, Delaney, Commissioner, Lost | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Voice of the Land - Volume 4

Our Languages Are the Voice of the Land


The new ATSIC Commissioner for Language and Broadcasting has given a commitment to ensure accountability from all those working within the portfolio, including community groups and the staff of ATSIC.

Voice of the Land Archive 1-9
ATSIC Commissioner Ian Delaney
Ian Delaney has been returned to the portfolio he lost ten months after the 1993 election, when his appointment was overruled by the courts as a result of disputed voting procedures. Prior to this he had held the position since 1991. Ian has regained responsibility for Language and Broadcasting, as well as Arts, Culture and Environment, the latter being shared with Commissioner Leonie Dickson from Tasmania.

While the previous ATSIC board members gave a commitment to continue funding for language projects at the current levels, Mr Delaney is keen to see improvements in financial support.

"I intend to lobby for an increased budget across the whole portfolio."

"I'll be arranging meetings with the relevant ministers, after being briefed by organizations concerned, community groups and individuals."

"The new board needs to turn things around and put ATSIC back on the right track. Having lost the Community Youth Support Program we need to establish preventative programs that get back to basics in supporting the family unit."

"Language and cultural programs have been benefiting communities in strengthening pride and identity. The language programs already established have been well received, but could benefit from greater public awareness."

Mr Delaney said that he had enjoyed a good working relationship with both FATSIL and ATSIC staff in the past, and looked forward to re-establishing links within those areas.

"Part of my role is to ensure accountability from all areas within the portfolio. Of course this means within ATSIC as well as the community organizations. People who feel they can't get any satisfaction going through the regular channels can contact me for assistance."

Ian Delaney can be reached at the ATSIC office in Brisbane on Phone 07 3229 8277 or Fax 07 3220 0191.