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The Sydney Language | Language, Sydney, Troy, Early, Hawkesbury, Includes, Botany, Living | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Dr. jakelin Troy

"The dialect spoken by the natives at Sydney not only differs entirely from that left us by Captain Cook of the people with whom he had intercourse to the northward but also from that spoken by those natives who lived at Port Stephens, and to the southward of Botany Bay as well as on the banks of the Hawkesbury. But this is not so wonderful as that people living at the distance of only fifty or sixty miles should call the sun and moon by different names; such however, was the fact. Collins vol. 1, 1975:506.


Dr. Jakelin Troy's book The Sydney Language provides an intriguing insight into the history, customs and language of the Sydney area, a region extending from the southern shore of Broken Bay to the Hawkesbury River and down to Botany Bay.

With no speakers of the language remaining, research for the book was undertaken from historical records, most of which were made in the late eighteenth and early nineteenth centuries. The text includes fascinating accounts of early communication between the Aboriginal people and the non-Aboriginal settlers. It includes a number of recorded conversations and observations of the living environment of the indigenous people.

Dr. Troy has compiled an easy to follow word list and closes the book with illustrations and notes on a range of artifacts from the area.

Copies of this publication can be obtained from Dr. Troy at 14 Reuther Street, Flynn, ACT, 2615.