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DEETYA Funding avenues for language projects | Education, Indigenous, Review, Funding, Branch, National, Deetya, Strait | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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DEETYA representatives Jim Castro and Bill Trewlynn
DEETYA representatives Jim Castro and Bill Trewlynn
Representatives from the Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs attended the Governing Committee meeting in January, and provided delegates with information on alternative avenues for funding of language projects.

Jim Castro - Indigenous Education Branch, Mark Cleghorn - Director of Schools Division, Quality Schooling Branch, and Bill Trewlynn - Employment, outlined the assessment criteria for funding eligibility under the National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Education Policy (AEP) and the Indigenous Education Strategic Initiatives Program (IESIP).

The primary objective of the AEP is to bring about equity in education for indigenous Australians. A National Review of Education for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Peoples (the National Review) examined the effectiveness of the AEP in its first triennium.

The National Review showed that there have been considerable improvements in indigenous people's education and training participation and outcomes, but also showed that these improvements are inconsistent across States and Territories. Also highlighted were the gaps existing between the educational achievements of indigenous and non- indigenous Australians.

The Review clearly demonstrated the need for increased joint efforts and new approaches if the goal of educational equity is to be achieved, with an expressed purpose of providing increased security and equity of operational funding to its recipients.

Jim Castro spoke of the importance of increasing involvement in programs across all levels of the community. This ultimately will effect change in the direction which is most profitable to the target group. "People need to involve themselves as parents, students, group and committee members, and be able to indicate to financing authorities that participation and involvement is increasing yearly. If individuals take an active role in organization, they will see the results and know that their input is not disregarded."

A review of the Priority Languages and Community Languages division is being undertaken this year, which will involve a significant redistribution of funding.

With this in mind, Mark Cleghorn stressed the importance of representations to DEETYA from bodies concerned with Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages, to increase their profile in the eventual allocation of financial resources.

Contact officer;
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