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Koorie Open Door Education | School, Community, Koorie, Program, Establishment, Education, Woolum, Victorian | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Woolum Bellum¬Koorie Open Door Education is a Prep to Year 12 Government school established in Morwell, Victoria in 1995, to cater specifically for Koorie students. Non-aboriginal pupils are also accepted.

The school is operating as a five year project initiated by the Victorian State Government and the Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated.

Establishment A submission from the local Koorie community was successful in demonstrating support for the establishment of the school in Morwell. One of the major aims of the project is to provide a positive school culture for students and the community, and develop a Koorie inclusive curriculum.

Part of this involves the revival, reclaiming and maintenance of the local Ganai language.

Program shows results Historically, in the Central Gippsland community, Koorie student attendance and success in the mainstream school setting has been very poor.

The 90 pupils at Woolum Bellum, who had a previous attendance rate of around 25% in regular schools, are now achieving in the area of 85-90%, reflecting directly on the success of the school program.

The teaching program relies heavily on continuing collaboration between Koorie and non-Koorie members of the school community.

As a requirement for the establishment of the school was that the curriculum be community and culturally inclusive, themes are developed by chronologically linking significant cultural sites along the Bataluk Cultural Trail in Gippsland.

The trail now operates as a tourism venture within the community.