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Voice of the Land - Volume 06 PDF Print E-mail
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Voice of the Land - Volume 6

Our Languages Are the Voice of the Land


From the Editor PDF Print E-mail

Faith Baisden
First of all I'll apologize for the late delivery of this newsletter. Unfortunately it's a one person production and I've had to take a few weeks on sick leave. The up side of this was that we've collected more news as the time went by and this edition has come out at 16 pages.

Wiradjuri Elders prepare for second summit PDF Print E-mail
Charlie Wilson of Dubbo with Auntie Jesse Williams from Nambucca Heads
The NSW Aboriginal Elders Indigenous Language Summit was the scene of a number of lively sessions as representatives from all parts of the State met to air sometimes conflicting views on issues central to language revival and maintenance in NSW.

The three day conference in Dubbo, Central NSW, was coordinated by the NSW ATSI Corporation for Language & Culture. It's major focus was the promotion of the Elders as the most valued resource for a community in the preservation of language and culture.
Cape York and Gulf PDF Print E-mail
Alberta Hornsby
Alberta Hornsby
Hello. My name is Alberta Hornsby (nee Gibson). I live at Hope Vale in North Queensland. My job over the past four years has been to co-ordinate the administration of the ATSILIP grant in the Cape York and Gulf Region. I have seen the growth of language projects, with 21 languages being retrieved and maintained.
Language of the Month PDF Print E-mail
Nhawaa Yiyi ngumbaarngay.
Nhawaa Yiyi ngumbaarngay.
Indigenous Languages Program
Guugu Yimithirr

This month I would like to introduce the Guugu Yimithirr or Koko Yimidirr language to you. Prior to invasion by miners, cattlemen, pearlers and fishers, "Guugu", meaning speech, voice or word and "Yimithirr" meaning "this way" was spoken along the coastline from the Annon River in the south to the Jennie River in the north, and west to Battle Camp.
The Lardil Dictionary PDF Print E-mail

Heather Toby, Ellen Richards, Julie Roughsey and Nancy Wilson at the Lardil Dictionary launch. photo Kelly Jailer
Heather Toby, Ellen Richards, Julie Roughsey and Nancy Wilson at the Lardil Dictionary launch. photo Kelly Jailer
Cassie Nancarrow is a linguist working at Mornington Island State School. With members of the Ngakulmungan Kangka Leman (Language Committee), Cassie gives an update of projects currently keeping the Islanders busy.

School Language Program PDF Print E-mail
This year a language program has started in earnest at Mornington Island State School.

Although there are now people from many language groups, including Kaiadilt, Yangkaal, Yukulta and Kangkaijda living on Mornington Island, Lardil is recognized as the indigenous language of the Island, and is the only one being taught in the school at this stage.

Kilmu merri! PDF Print E-mail
Diin thungal, nyalmungan kangka reman, wirde diin thungal, bana nyalmungan kangka reman, yuujmen kangka reman.
Nyalmungan kangka reman, mirndiyan yuud-wutha nyalmu, wutha nyalmungan
kantha, kantha bana kambin, diin yanda nyalmu markuba.
Diinmen kangka reman Lardil kangka reman.
Mangarda jika merri niweni
kantha, ngama_kantha, nyerre, jembe, kubari merri.
Nyerrwi banda nyalmu kirnee, diin jika mangarda kangka Lardil, diinmen kangka reman, bana murrwa nyalmungan laka.
Kenneth Jacob (Big Jake), Mornington Shire Council Chairman, Lardil Dictionary Launch, May 1997.

Lardil Dictionary PDF Print E-mail
Cover art work by Arnold Watt (Thuganmu), shows Maarnbil, Jirnjirn and Diwaldiwal, the founders of Lardil.
Cover art work by Arnold Watt (Thuganmu), shows Maarnbil, Jirnjirn and Diwaldiwal, the founders of Lardil.
Merni Lardil Kangka Leman! Listen to the Lardil language!
This will be the language name for a learner's guide to Lardil that is currently being created by Ngakulmungan Kangka Leman, working with linguist Anna Ash.

It will be made up of a booklet and cassette tapes, which will help people learn to speak more of the Lardil language. In the booklet there will be pictures by children and local artists.
FATSIL. Linking languages across Australia PDF Print E-mail
The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation of Languages (FATSIL) is the National Advisory body linking Government and Community in the implementation and development of policy relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages. The Corporation was established in 1991, in response to the national goals of the Australian Language and Literacy Policy.

FATSIL was incorporated in 1993 and continues to expand the range of its contacts with agencies and individual members Australia wide. Recognized as an authoritative voice on indigenous language issues, its delegated members provide representation to a number of national forums and seminars. The Corporation receives its funding directly from ATSIC.

Role of FATSIL PDF Print E-mail

The aims of the organisation are:


  • To develop national priorities for the maintenance, retrieval and revival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages;
  • To take an active role in the development of policy relating to languages;
  • Provide a national consultative mechanism for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language centres, State and regional Language management committees and project teams throughout Australia;
  • Advise ATSIC Administrative personnel, Language Portfolio Commissioners, Regional Councils and relevant Government Agencies on all matters relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Language management;
  • Promote national awareness and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language issues;
  • Collect and distribute current information on progress in the field of language maintenance, retrieval and revival to individuals and organisations involved.
From Lester Coyne FATSIL Chairperson PDF Print E-mail
Lester Coyne
Hello to all "Voice of the Land" newsletter subscribers, FATSIL members and language centres across Australia.

It is particularly pleasing to hear of the growing public interest in each newsletter publication and I encourage your support and contributions to the editor.
"ngulli yahnbai gulli bahn bugal bugalehn"- we are still here. PDF Print E-mail
The Kombumerri- Aboriginal people of the Gold Coast
The Kombumerri- Aboriginal people of the Gold Coast
The Kombumerri- Aboriginal people of the Gold Coast is a new Queensland publication which presents recent history from the view of the invaded rather than the invaders.

Written by Rory O'Connor, the book offers a well researched history of the locality, and highlights the ongoing work of the Kombumerri people in retrieving and maintaining both their language and culture. Stories from the past, interviews with the present day descendants and spectacular full colour photographs contribute to a lively, easy-read presentation.
Noongar meeting a community event PDF Print E-mail
The cultural day attracted more than 120 visitors.
The cultural day attracted more than 120 visitors.
The Noongar Language and Culture Centre's regular language meeting was opened to the public, when committee members decided to combine the event with a Cultural Day.

The May meeting was used as an opportunity to welcome the local community to the Language Centre, presenting them with traditional food, dance displays and providing interaction with language speakers.
Birri Gubba Wadja Bimbi Aboriginal Corporation PDF Print E-mail
"Wadda Mullie Thulgarrie Gnia Thubling, nia, Guthalin."
"Hello all my brothers and sisters."

"Gnia yandi younda Wadja Bimbi". "I come to you for another good talk."
All our Birri-Gubba people up in the Northern region send their best wishes to everyone around Australia, and hope that we have all advanced in our language lessons.

The Law, the Land, the Language and the People PDF Print E-mail
The Law
Worawa students, Lyn, Kevin and Leanne at one of the College's many cultural events.
This is the philosophy upon which Worawa College has based its cultural program.

At Victoria's only Aboriginal controlled college, the indigenous culture is imparted not only as a school subject but as an integral part of everyday life.

Situated on 60 hectares in a rural setting within the beautiful Yarra Valley, Worawa College offers its students comprehensive mainstream education, combined with a contemporary Aboriginal Cultural program.
Web sites to work with PDF Print E-mail
Among the masses of information on the World Wide Web there is a growing amount about Australian Indigenous languages. Some of it comes from institutions, such as the Summer Institute of Linguistics, or AIATSIS, but there is also information coming direct from local and regional Aboriginal organisations.

Moorditj. Australian Indigenous Cultural Expressions PDF Print E-mail
Moorditj- a Noongar word (south-west of Western Australia) for "excellent" - is a project to create a multimedia CD-ROM on Australian Indigenous artists and their cultural expressions, including visual arts, crafts, dance theatre, music, literature, oral history and the media.

Narrated by TV personalities Ernie Dingo and Justine Saunders, Moorditj will feature the depth and diversity of works of up to 100 of Australia's finest indigenous artists.

Designed for use by teenagers and the international. tourist market, the project ten Australia on CD titles announced by the Federal Department of Communications and the Arts under the Creative Nations initiative. 25,000 copies will be produced in the first run, and two CDs will go to every school in Australia, to libraries, and embassies, free of charge.

Annual General Meeting PDF Print E-mail
FATSIL Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation of Languages wishes to notify members that the fourth Annual General Meeting will be held on the 15th September 1997. Venue: The Victoria Vista Hotel, Melbourne, Victoria.

Members are invited to attend.
K.R.A.L.C. PDF Print E-mail
The team from Ngukurr Community Education Centre have written to say how pleased everyone was with their article in the last newsletter. They've asked if we could note two amendments to the story.
- Dinah Garadji is from the Yugul Mangi Tribe, South  Eastern Arnhemland.
- Mutju Community Education Centre is in Ngukurr (not Katherine).

Your FATSIL delegates PDF Print E-mail

FATSIL's Annual General Meeting will be held in Melbourne in September.
Date to be advised.

Lester Coyne

20 Bowman Street SOUTH PERTH WA 6151
093 679 304
093 367 9266 (Fax)