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From the Editor | Language, Stories, Newsletter, Baisden, Chance, Faith, Communication, Medium | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Faith Baisden
First of all I'll apologize for the late delivery of this newsletter. Unfortunately it's a one person production and I've had to take a few weeks on sick leave. The up side of this was that we've collected more news as the time went by and this edition has come out at 16 pages.

It's exciting to notice the mail and phone calls we're receiving now from people who are asking to have stories of their local projects published in the Voice of the Land. This includes a number of communities keen to see their language featured on the Internet page Language of the Month People also really appreciate the chance to find out what happens in language centres and project areas other than their own, and see the newsletter as a convenient medium for communication around the country. We're finding the community based features to be the most popular with the readers.

This September's A.G.M. will be a good chance for us to put together new stories. If you do plan to attend, then why not come armed with photos and copies of recent publications. We'll be ready to go for future editions.

Faith Baisden.