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Role of FATSIL | Language, Strait, Torres, Aboriginal, Islander, Fatsil, Organisation, Role | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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The aims of the organisation are:


  • To develop national priorities for the maintenance, retrieval and revival of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander languages;
  • To take an active role in the development of policy relating to languages;
  • Provide a national consultative mechanism for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language centres, State and regional Language management committees and project teams throughout Australia;
  • Advise ATSIC Administrative personnel, Language Portfolio Commissioners, Regional Councils and relevant Government Agencies on all matters relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Language management;
  • Promote national awareness and recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander language issues;
  • Collect and distribute current information on progress in the field of language maintenance, retrieval and revival to individuals and organisations involved.

Structure of the organisation

The Governing Committee of FATSIL is comprised of 15 members, two from each State and the Northern Territory and one from Torres Strait Islands. Membership of the Corporation is open to adult Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people involved in the maintenance or revival of indigenous languages.

The Committee members attend regular meetings, including the FATSIL Annual General Meeting which is held in a different state each year.This year's AGM will be convened in Melbourne in September, and members are encouraged to attend. The organisation is staffed by a full time secretary, as well as a project worker, who is employed on a part time basis to produce the FATSIL newsletter,The Voice of the Land.

This publication is distributed quarterly to a growing readership around Australia, and through the reproduction of selected articles on the internet, now reaches an international audience.

Selection and Role of Delegates

Delegates are elected by State Language members and their positions reviewed on a yearly basis. The role of the delegate is :

  • To facilitate communication between FATSIL's Governing Body, language centres, committees and individual project workers;
  • To provide FATSIL with reports on State initiatives, outcomes and projections.
  • To participate in the development of policy relating to Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages.
  • To provide relevant parties with information regarding funding avenues and policy issues.

But what does the F stand for?  

Originally the organisation was established as the Federation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Languages. However, when the time came for the Language body to be incorporated, it was determined that the Federation must in fact be registered as a Corporation to meet criteria relating to the functions, roles and responsibilities of such bodies. So faced with the prospect of changing FATSIL to CATSIL or ATSICL someone put it in the too hard basket .