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Birri Gubba Wadja Bimbi Aboriginal Corporation | Wadda, Mullie, Gnia, Language, Best, Townsville, Spirits, Wadja | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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"Wadda Mullie Thulgarrie Gnia Thubling, nia, Guthalin."
"Hello all my brothers and sisters."

"Gnia yandi younda Wadja Bimbi". "I come to you for another good talk."
All our Birri-Gubba people up in the Northern region send their best wishes to everyone around Australia, and hope that we have all advanced in our language lessons.

As I've said before, keep listening to our elders and keep up the spirit of getting it all put back together. Our Ancestor spirits are moving right across our Land. Things are happening, people are seeing visions, things are being revealed and the Governments are in turmoil. We must go on with our struggle, whatever we are involved in. Our language has to be at the peak of all indigenous affairs in accordance with our Land. Our spirits commune with you all. Best regards until next time.

Wadda Mullie.
Renarta "Gutha" Prior. 159 Boundary St. South Townsville Q 4810
PO Box 5530 Townsville 4810.
Phone 077 215955
Fax 077 714009.