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Noongar meeting a community event | Language, Centre, Noongar, Centres, Event, Speakers, Wallace, Manguri | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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The cultural day attracted more than 120 visitors.
The cultural day attracted more than 120 visitors.
The Noongar Language and Culture Centre's regular language meeting was opened to the public, when committee members decided to combine the event with a Cultural Day.

The May meeting was used as an opportunity to welcome the local community to the Language Centre, presenting them with traditional food, dance displays and providing interaction with language speakers.
Over 120 people attended the event, held under a marquee in the grounds of the Manguri Corporation in Perth. Representatives from some of the local schools which are teaching Noongar language attended, as well as officials from major West Australian Indigenous organisations.

Centre coordinator Ray Wallace explained that the focus of the Language Centre's work is seeing Noongar move from an oral language to a written one, complete with teaching modules and a dedicated learning centre at the Manguri office.

The Committee has travelled to Language Centres in Kalgoorlie and Geraldton to look at their operation, with particular interest in the establishment of Language Nests. Staff at the Noongar Centre are currently compiling a list of speakers who are prepared to work with the centre as recorders and possible teachers. With offices now operating in Bunbury, Albany and Northam, contact is being made with speakers previously unknown to the centre. Mr Wallace said there has now been enough of the language recorded to take Noongar to a written form and to meet a growing demand for people to learn language.

For more information on Noongar Language and Culture Centre and its programs, contact Ray on phone 08 9358 1950 or
fax 08 9358 1951