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Annual General Meeting | Members, Language, Fatsil, Business, Bull, September, Committee, Victoria | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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FATSIL Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islanders Corporation of Languages wishes to notify members that the fourth Annual General Meeting will be held on the 15th September 1997. Venue: The Victoria Vista Hotel, Melbourne, Victoria.

Members are invited to attend.
The Annual General Meeting will be preceded on the 13th and 14th of September by

•    FATSIL Language Conference. Saturday 13th. Sept. Speakers Lynnette Dent. C.O.D.E. College Vic. Nalwarri Ngurruwutthon. N.T. Language and Community School Lester Coyne. Chairperson. FATSIL. W.A. Jeannie Bell ()Id.
•    Dinner hosted by the Victorian Language Committee. Saturday 13thSept. 6.30 pm Speakers include Preston Thomas. Language Portfolio Commissioner.
•    Language Forum — Sunday 14th September. 9.30am to 4.00pm Participants invited to share details of current language projects.

The order of business at the Annual General Meeting shall be:

(a)    to confirm the minutes of the last meeting;
(b)    to receive from the committee reports concerning the activities and business of FATSIL- Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Corporation of Languages during the preceding financial year ending 30th June, 1997, including the Committee's Report and Examiner's Report;
(c)    to elect the members of the Committee;
(d)    to appoint an examiner as required by subsection 59 (3) of the Act; and
(e)    to conduct such other business as the meeting shall determine which will include addressing the following motion:

The Motion:

That Rule 15 (13) of the FATSIL constitution be amended to read No business shall be transacted at any general meeting unless a quorum of members is present. A Quorum shall be twenty one (21) or more members of the Association.

Registration Fee. Members. 3 Days. $ 120.
Non-Members. 2 Days. $ 140
Dinner per person $ 25.

For reservations call toll free (1800) 331 147.
Ph. 03 9653 04411   
Fax. 03 96509678.

Participants are encouraged to take advantage of the conference package rate offered by the Victoria Vista Hotel. 215 Collins St. Melbourne. Early bookings are advised.