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Cape York and Gulf | Region, Kuku, Language, Vale, Queensland, Injinoo, Hope, Wujal | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Alberta Hornsby
Alberta Hornsby
Hello. My name is Alberta Hornsby (nee Gibson). I live at Hope Vale in North Queensland. My job over the past four years has been to co-ordinate the administration of the ATSILIP grant in the Cape York and Gulf Region. I have seen the growth of language projects, with 21 languages being retrieved and maintained.

These languages are
Kuku Yalanji - Wujal Wujal
Kuku Thaipan - Laura
Guugu Yimithirr - Hope Vale
Lama Lama, Kaanju, Oolkoli, Wik Munkan and Ayapathu - Coen. "Sand Beach (composite Kuku Ya'u and Umpila)" - Lockhart River. Injinoo "Ikya", Angamuthi, Atambaya - Injinoo.
Morobalama-Umagico (completed project).
Koko Berra, Yir-yorrant, Kunjen - Kowanyama.
Lardil and Kaadilt - Mornington Island.
Wanyi, Garrawa and Gangallida - Doomadgee.

The results of colonisation are evident in the number of languages that are scattered across this region, far from their homelands. The Peninsula Region of Far North Queensland has 40% of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Students in the State, so it was a natural thought that our children in the school system would be the most appropriate starting point in maintaining our languages.

At this stage, we have not even reached the tip of the iceberg. Until then, committed community people continue to teach language and culture in their schools.

There is still much work to be done in helping communities identify appropriate people, resources etc. to enable the best possible methods of language maintenance.