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School Language Program | Language, School, Lardil, Island, Lessons, Program, Several, Books | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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This year a language program has started in earnest at Mornington Island State School.

Although there are now people from many language groups, including Kaiadilt, Yangkaal, Yukulta and Kangkaijda living on Mornington Island, Lardil is recognized as the indigenous language of the Island, and is the only one being taught in the school at this stage.

Several hundred people have some knowledge of Lardil, but there are only a dozen or so members of the older
generations who speak it fluently.

Using funding from ATSILIP and some school funds to employ a linguist, several Lardil speakers (members of the Ngakulmungan Kangka Leman -Language Projects Steering Committee) have been able to work in the school.
Margaret Hills, Kenneth and Juliana Jacob, Fanny Lanley, Clara Reid, Ellen Richards and Joseph Watt have worked this year to provide weekly language lessons for all primary students, taking them out on bush trips for the day or overnight as much as possible.

At the same time, work is being done to produce small story and picture books in Language for the whole community.

Along with the language lessons, work has commenced to create a language database for Lardil, based on the new dictionary, and incorporating audio samples of language and scanned pictures.

This computer program will mostly be used by students as part of language lessons, and will be useful for making books and worksheets for the kids in school.