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Kilmu merri! | Kangka, Reman, Language, Lardil, Nyalmungan, Diin, Nyalmu, Bana | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Diin thungal, nyalmungan kangka reman, wirde diin thungal, bana nyalmungan kangka reman, yuujmen kangka reman.
Nyalmungan kangka reman, mirndiyan yuud-wutha nyalmu, wutha nyalmungan
kantha, kantha bana kambin, diin yanda nyalmu markuba.
Diinmen kangka reman Lardil kangka reman.
Mangarda jika merri niweni
kantha, ngama_kantha, nyerre, jembe, kubari merri.
Nyerrwi banda nyalmu kirnee, diin jika mangarda kangka Lardil, diinmen kangka reman, bana murrwa nyalmungan laka.
Kenneth Jacob (Big Jake), Mornington Shire Council Chairman, Lardil Dictionary Launch, May 1997.

You mob listen!.
This thing, it's our language, it's in this book, but our language is also an ancient language. Our language, which was given to us in the dreamtime, our fathers gave it, fathers to sons, and today we look after it.
This country's language is Lardil.
If plenty of children listen to their fathers, parents, grandmothers, grandfathers, they'll make it strong again. Perhaps as we eventually die, plenty of children here will talk Lardil, this country's language, and follow our ways.