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Moorditj. Australian Indigenous Cultural Expressions | Indigenous, Artists, Moorditj, Australia, Arts, Cultural, Western, Project | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Moorditj- a Noongar word (south-west of Western Australia) for "excellent" - is a project to create a multimedia CD-ROM on Australian Indigenous artists and their cultural expressions, including visual arts, crafts, dance theatre, music, literature, oral history and the media.

Narrated by TV personalities Ernie Dingo and Justine Saunders, Moorditj will feature the depth and diversity of works of up to 100 of Australia's finest indigenous artists.

Designed for use by teenagers and the international. tourist market, the project ten Australia on CD titles announced by the Federal Department of Communications and the Arts under the Creative Nations initiative. 25,000 copies will be produced in the first run, and two CDs will go to every school in Australia, to libraries, and embassies, free of charge.


The consultants have identified a number of important themes which influence contemporary indigenous artists. These are Land, Law and Language; Ceremony; Cultural Maintenance and Survival; Embracing other Cultures; and Social Issues and Justice. Language is incorporated on the CD as a natural adjunct to the various artforms.

The work of Kalgoorlie artist Kathleen Trimmer was accompanied by her stories in the Wangkatha language.


Potential content is being identified within eight different areas: Visual Arts, Craft, Music, Media(TV Film, Radio), Theatre, Dance, Literature and Oral History.

It is anticipate will encourage young indigenous have not, through circumstance, previously connected with their culture.

Providing resources The project will support and encourage the movement to introduce indigenous studies and history into the primary and secondary school system. Users will gain a broad awareness of the breadth of indigenous cultural expression, and an understanding of howculture shapes and influences the work of indigenous artists. This should enhance the sensitivity of children of other cultures to the beliefs and values of indigenous people in general, and their fellow students in particular.

Supporting artists The Moorditj Partners hope to resolve many issues relating to the presentation of indigenous artworks through multimedia, and inform artists of their rights when working in these areas. It is intended that a Moorditj Trust Fund be established to introduce indigenous artists to multi¬media technologies and developments, and assist in the formation of strategic partnerships between cultural industries and other business sectors.

The project development team is headed by Lesley Bangama Fogarty (General Manager), Richard Walley OAM (Artistic Director) and Roger Dickinson (Technical Director) on behalf of the Moorditj Consortium - The University of Western Australia, the Aboriginal Affairs Department of Western Australia and the Western Australian Arts Portfolio (Arts WA; Screen West; Perth Theatre Trust; WA Museum; Library and Information Services of WA; and the Art Gallery of WA).

The CD is scheduled for national release in 1997.