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Evaluation of funding effectiveness | Evaluation, Funding, Community, Schools, Bull, Priority, Aboriginal, Program | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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The Commonwealth Department of Employment, Education, Training and Youth Affairs (DEETYA) has commissioned an Australian National University team to undertake an evaluation of the Commonwealth School Languages Program.

The evaluation will examine the three elements of the program:

• The National Asian Languages and Studies in Australian Schools (NALSAS) Strategy,
• The Community Languages Element (CLE)
• The Priority Languages Element (PLE).

Aboriginal languages are included in those funded under Priority Languages, and are also eligible under Community Languages funding.

Professor Richard Baldauf and Dr. de Riva O'Phelan, consultants who are managing the project on behalf of the university, will be visiting all State and Territory capitals to seek the views of key stakeholders.

Discussions will focus on evaluation issues papers which the ANU team have drafted in consultation with DEETYA staff. Individual Language Centres or individuals would be welcome to make submissions addressing the following two questions:

  • To what extent has Priority Languages funding assisted in the maintenance of indigenous languages (given that they attract little funding)?
  • To what extent does Community Languages funding assist in the maintenance of Aboriginal languages?
  • The evaluation relates to school languages, not community languages. However, if the current arrangements are not serving the needs of Aboriginal languages in schools, suggestions should be made of alternatives that would be more supportive of language teaching and maintenance. There is the possibility of a re-evaluation of how funds are allocated and spent in the schools area.

Dr. Richard Baldauf can be contacted on 02 6249 3165, or fax 02 6249 3144.