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Robyn Bradley and Antoinette Smith from the Victorian Corporation for Languages.
Robyn Bradley and Antoinette Smith from the Victorian Corporation for Languages.
For many individuals the idea of spending hour upon hour researching data is right up there with life's least appealing activities. Fortunately for those who need the facts but can't stand the files, Antoinette Smith, Language Research Officer with the Victorian Aboriginal Corporation for Languages, doesn't share this aversion. Since April this year Antoinette has been working full time from the Museum of Victoria, delving into rarely visited corners of state libraries and research institutions to unearth an expanding store of data relevant to Victorian language and culture.

Antoinette is using the information collated to create a central resource centre for Victorian Aboriginal communities, from which they can access material relevant to their languages, as well as related cultural issues.

Her role as research officer has been expanded to assist language programs with training in research and to oversee efficient data collection for many of the programs coordinated through the Corporation.

When not studying books at work, Antoinette studies at home to complete a Bachelor of Arts in History and Art History at La Trobe University.

Antoinette can be contact at:
Victorian Corporation for Languages
Museum of Victoria
PO Box 666E
Melbourne Victoria 3001 
Phone. 03 9291 214
Fax. 03 9291 2150