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Discussions begin on allocation of $9million for languages. | Language, Atsic, Community, Needs, Resources, Fatsil, Funds, Recommendations | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and
Discussions begin on allocation of $9million for languages. PDF Print E-mail
As a result, the ATSIC Board agreed to allocate an additional $9 million over three years, commencing in 1998/99. In opening discussions relating to the distribution of funds, ATSIC has referred to recommendations contained in a number of key reports of recent years.

These are:

  • Bringing them Home 1997.
  • Backing Australian Language: A review of the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Language Initiatives Program.1995.
  • Draft report on the Needs Survey of Community Languages 1998.
  • The Land Still Speaks.1997.
  • Inadequate resources to publish and/or broadcast existing language and cultural material currently held in language centres and other repositories.

This year's draft report on the Needs Survey of Community Languages has highlighted needs in a number of areas.

The following are considered to be the most significant;

  • Inadequate resources for archiving, archive management and community access to archived material.
  • An urgent need to collect, document and archive endangered languages.

It is intended that extensive consultation will take place over the next few months between ATSIC, FATSIL, language centres and the regional language management committees, with the aim of identifying priority areas and determining the most effective use of the additional funds.

The FATSIL Governing Body would welcome input from concerned groups and individuals, to assist in the formulation of recommendations to be presented to ATSIC.