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Voice of the Land - Volume 09 PDF Print E-mail
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Voice of the Land Archive 1-9
Voice of the Land - Volume 9

Our Languages Are the Voice of the Land


Plans for distribution of new language funds

ATSIC will soon begin circulating draft interim program policy guidelines for discussion with all parties involved in the distribution of the recently allocated language funds. The decision to boost language maintenance with the release of $9million of ATSIC funds over the next three years, was made in response to the Report into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from their Families.


From the Editor PDF Print E-mail

Faith Baisden
If you thought FATSIL was making waves only in Australia, then have a look at this extract from a weekly Spanish publication - El Mundo.

Secretaria nacional de FATSIL (Federation de Lenguas Aborigenes), Ysola Best, dice: "No solo provocoaron la extinction de 150 lenguas Abo:igenes, tambien se quedaron el dinero de nuestro pueblo. "


Nice Work Uncle Bob! PDF Print E-mail

Bob Randall
Bob Randall
It’s not all serious business when you're teaching, especially when you can shift base from Alice Springs, Central Australia to Colorado in the U.S.A.

I.A.D. language and culture teacher, Bob Randall took time out during a recent American holiday to present a number of talks at cultural and well-being seminars, held in Boulder, Colorado.

Bob addressed the workshops at the University of Colorado on the importance of nurturing cultural connections and the significance of this awareness for personal wellbeing. His message -caring for the land keeps the people well. Speaking with American indigenous groups, university students and other participants coming from a wide mix of backgrounds, Bob found his audiences keen to gain understanding of Australian cultural lore, and explore areas of significance relating to heritage and identity.

Bob spent two months in America and is happy to be contacted should anyone like to discuss his teaching and travel experiences further.

He can be contacted through the IAD on 08 8951 1384.

Alice Springs Institute covering a wide scope PDF Print E-mail

Taking studies outdoors, Year 8 students from Alice Springs High School at Emily's Gap.
Taking studies outdoors, Year 8 students from Alice Springs High School at Emily's Gap.
Just south of the town centre in Alice Springs, the Institute for Aboriginal Development sprawls across a peaceful site overlooking the river gums and saltbush, that line the banks of the Todd River. The 17 small brick and timber buildings housing the I.A.D. cry out for redevelopment, having multiplied over the past 30 years to form the home base, from which a diverse range of services are provided to the people of Central Australia.

Board of Studies New South Wales PDF Print E-mail

Making a difference in our schools

Two important publications launched recently, which aim to promote cross- cultural understanding between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal students and teachers in our schools. Developed by the Board of Studies NSW, the publications were produced in response to recommendations by the Royal commission into Aboriginal Deaths in Custody.

FATSIL meeting PDF Print E-mail

Lyle Johnson, FATSIL delegate
Lyle Johnson, FATSIL delegate
State delegates at the FATSIL Governing Committee Meeting in Canberra addressed the preparation of a strategic plan and guidelines for future funding policy. Also on the agenda for the May meeting were the ATSILIP funding proposals for the 1998/99 financial year, for which recommendations and endorsements were prepared, and a statement for ATSIC relating to the allocation of funds for new language initiatives.


Western Australian Language Conference PDF Print E-mail

At the Aboriginal Language Centres of Western Australia State Conference in Broome, a resolution was passed calling on the Australian Government to refrain from signing the Multilateral Agreement on Investment. Delegates at the April conference expressed concerns that the signing of the agreement could result in the loss of Sovereignty of Australian laws, and as such is against the basic human rights of indigenous people (UN Declaration).

Dates for Darwin PDF Print E-mail
FATSIL members are invited to attend the Governing Committee Meeting to be held in Darwin on the 10th, 11th and 12th September. The venue is yet to be set. Further details can be obtained from the FATSIL secretary on 07 38078933 or Fax 07 38078922.
Language of the Month PDF Print E-mail


Sandra Nangali Morrison.
In 1997, a group of Warumungu students from Tennant Creek began a journey into the past, which would lead them to their own place in the historical map of their people. With stories from the old stock routes to life within the Aboriginal labour force on the cattle stations, where most members of the group spent their childhood, they tracked the shift in strength of their cultural identity, and recalled the reality of life as it was for people on the stations. Among the strengths that came from community life on the properties, were the freedom they maintained to continue with ceremonial life; the preservation of rules of kinship and marriage; and perhaps most importantly of all, retaining their language, as it would continue to be taught to the children growing up on the stations.


Story of Michael Jampin Jones PDF Print E-mail

Warumungu by Susan Nangali Jones

Michael Jones Jampin
Michael Jones Jampin
Michael Jones Jampin. 1950 Arni ngini ngattu-jinyi manungku Junkkurraku-jju. Appa ajjul papulanyi-jji maranta seven mile station karjunu Junkkurraku ngarra. Ajjinyi ngini kampuju pukkunjina. Alangarra ngini arnkkul apinyi manuku Mangkamanta-kka appa ajjul papulanyi-jji maranta Phillip Creek old mission. Wakkapi karriny ajjul nyina arntunya manungku. Warumungu Walpiri Walmanpa kapi Alyawarre ajjul nyina. Arni ngini school-kki apinyi 1953.

My name is Michael Jampin Jones. I was born at Junkkurruku Old Seven Mile Station, north of Tennant Creek. I was born in 1950. My father worked as a stockman there. Then we moved to mangkamanta, old Phillip Creek Mission. Lots of people were there in the old Mission, Warumungu and Walpiri, Warlmanpa and Alyawarre. I went to school there.


Yule River meeting supports Wangka Maya PDF Print E-mail

The Pilbara Indigenous Languages and Cultural Heritage Conference which was held at Kakurrrkanya Yule River in March, produced a number of resolutions aiming to address social justice issues impacting on the Aboriginal people of the Pilbara region. Among the resolutions passed were the following:

Monument for endangered languages PDF Print E-mail

The following report was sent to FATSIL through the Internet.

This project involves the creation and maintenance of a special web site devoted to seriously endangered languages, all over the world. The web site is no scientific compilation of all endangered languages, but has to be seen as a virtual work of art.

New teaching programs at Darwin's NTU PDF Print E-mail

The Faculty of Education at Darwin's Northern Territory University, in cooperation with the Faculty of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies, has developed a new Indigenous Languages strand within the Graduate Diploma in Applied Linguistics Course. This course now has five strands: Australian Indigenous Languages; Teaching English to Speakers of Other Languages;

Cape York and Gulf Region PDF Print E-mail

Lockhart River Dancers performing at the Pacific Rim Conference.
Lockhart River Dancers performing at the Pacific Rim Conference.
Alberta Hornsby, Coordinator of the ATSILIP grant in North Queensland's Cape York and Gulf region, will be reporting for us in this and future issues on the progress of language programs in the far north. Here she gives us the news from Laura, Lockhart River and Kowanyama.

Your FATSIL delegates PDF Print E-mail

Lester Coyne

20 Bowman St.
South Perth WA 6151
08 9367 9304
OP 9367 9266 fax.