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Monument for endangered languages | Language, Endangered, Project, Gets, Creation, Arnhem, Permanent, Huge | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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The following report was sent to FATSIL through the Internet.

This project involves the creation and maintenance of a special web site devoted to seriously endangered languages, all over the world. The web site is no scientific compilation of all endangered languages, but has to be seen as a virtual work of art.

It is not a closed project, but "a work in progress", in permanent evolution. It is neither the creation of a single man, but a collective enterprise. Keywords are; strong social engagement and participation.

The function of the web site is to inform of the existence of dying languages by art to a large audience, and to increase the possibility of a permanent contact with and between all native speakers of endangered languages.

What does it look like?

Every language gets his own page, and/or with a link with an existing home page in this language. It will finally become a huge site, using a different layout for each language. It will begin to be active from the moment the first language gets its own page. I shall present the project to festivals, museums, art galleries and other organisations and events as a "social sculpture." Would you like to participate?

Drs. Patrick-Henri
Burgaud Zypendaalseweg 75
6814 CE Arnhem
The Netherlands
tel/fax + + 26 4438902 Arnhem April 1998