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Yule River meeting supports Wangka Maya | Aboriginal, Language, Wangka, Pilbara, Cultural, Support, Maya, Funding | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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The Pilbara Indigenous Languages and Cultural Heritage Conference which was held at Kakurrrkanya Yule River in March, produced a number of resolutions aiming to address social justice issues impacting on the Aboriginal people of the Pilbara region. Among the resolutions passed were the following:

  • Unanimous support for the ATSIC Board of Commission's vote of 'No Confidence' in Minister John Herron.
  • A call for increased funding and ongoing support for the Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre to continue their important work. (The forum supports Wangka Maya's current funding submissions, and calls upon the Federal and State Governments to provide more funds for service delivery in the area of Aboriginal Languages and Cultural Heritage Preservation, instead of focusing wholly on speculative enterprise developments.)
  • The bush meeting resolved to support the Mirrar people in their struggle to have the governments and mining companies respect their decision, that no mining and desecration of the Jabiluka escarpment will take place.

Other recommendations to come from the meeting were

  1. That a working party be established to develop a protocol for the negotiation and signing stages of proposed regional agreements and memoranda of understanding.
  2. That a regional watch committee be set up to monitor development and legislative activities. Also to ensure that no cultural rip-offs are occurring , and that people are not erroneously teaching language, or developing language materials based on the wrong orthography.
  3. That an Aboriginal Independent School in the South Hedland area be established to teach more traditionally oriented Aboriginal curricula, including a traditional dance and song school.

For more information contact: Lorraine Injie, Chairperson; Ian Alexander, Linguist;

Sue Smyth, Senior Language Worker.
Wangka Maya Pilbara Aboriginal Language Centre.
PO Box 2736
South Hedland
WA. 6722
Tel 08 9172 2344
Fax. 08 9172 2355
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