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Voice of the Land - Volume 09 | Language, Atsic, Draft, Centres, Children, Guidelines, Funds, Fatsil | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Our Languages Are the Voice of the Land


Plans for distribution of new language funds

ATSIC will soon begin circulating draft interim program policy guidelines for discussion with all parties involved in the distribution of the recently allocated language funds. The decision to boost language maintenance with the release of $9million of ATSIC funds over the next three years, was made in response to the Report into the Separation of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Children from their Families.


Voice of the Land Archive 1-9
Children from Yelangi Pre-School at Indooroopilly
The draft guidelines were drawn up after reviewing the responses from language centres around Australia. With the money becoming available on July 1st this year, ATSIC will seek feedback to the draft guidelines before advertising for submissions and inviting current recipients to make application.

In the Draft of its New Language Initiative Policy, compiled in response to ATSIC's initial guidelines for discussion, FATSIL has proposed that Language Centres, Language Managemenft Committees and Organisations be the major bodies adequately resourced from the additional funds for indigenous languages.

Photo: Deadly! Children from Yelangi Pre-School at Indooroopilly made sure to line up for some tucker at last month's opening of the Murri School at Acacia Ridge in Brisbane. The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Independent School has an enrolment of 170 children.

It called for provision to be made for proper archiving and archival management in communities, as well as improved community access to archived material. FATSIL proposed that resources be set aside to increase awareness of the urgency to maintain community languages using multi-media technology.

Aiming to increase awareness of current language program activities and language resources available to indigenous communities affected by the policies of forcible removal, FATSIL has recommended that State/Territory meetings for language workers be organised through relevant Language Centres and Management Committees within the first twelve months of the funding period.

The specific aims of such communication would be to avoid duplication of services and to maximise the use of available financial resources.

All centres contacted by ATSIC for comment on the latest proposals are again encouraged to make their views known to the Commission before the distribution of funding begins