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Faith Baisden
If you thought FATSIL was making waves only in Australia, then have a look at this extract from a weekly Spanish publication - El Mundo.

Secretaria nacional de FATSIL (Federation de Lenguas Aborigenes), Ysola Best, dice: "No solo provocoaron la extinction de 150 lenguas Abo:igenes, tambien se quedaron el dinero de nuestro pueblo. "


While it's a little trickier than normal to know whether you've been quoted correctly, the positive aspects of interest from international bodies in the preservation of our Indigenous cultures will be far reaching.

Chelo Alvarez,from Malibu in the USA is one of the journalists who've enlisted help from FATSIL to take the Australian story to an interested audience overseas. Ms. Alvarez was in Australia to prepare a report on the Stolen Generation, and became interested in exploring the effects of the loss of language and the inhibition of cultural heredity.

We were happy to receive a few copies of the magazine when the article was published.

Now to find someone who reads Spanish!

Faith Baisden