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From the Editor | Language, Strengthening, Chance, Face, Meetings, Involved, Formal, Faith | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Faith Baisden
There's plenty of conference talk in this issue, with the big meetings In Alice Springs and Darwin last year giving: everyone the chance to get together and nut out some firm directions.

One of the resolutions to come out of the review process, was the plan to have State run language meetings held on a two yearly basis, where funds and coordinating programs ans allow . The benefits of more frequent meeting for people involved in language work go further than the obvious points relating to formal information sharing.

Language work can tend to be more isolating for the workers involved than other fields, with programs being individually geared to local areas, and not related to any slenderised procedures. Conferences then offer a rare opportunity to meet face to face with people we spend a heap of time talking to by phone, fax and email. Those formal gathering over lunch and evening meals can prove a great source of inspiration for new ideas and most importantly, give people the chance to support each other in a field has to make rules as it grows.

Strengthening the indigenous languages network has to be, a major step in strengthening the future of languages.

Faith Baisden