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Surprise reunion a conference bonus | Family, Lost, Lester, Francis, Conference, Mother, Searched, Reunion | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Francis Edney and Lester Coyne
Francis Edney and Lester Coyne
Francis Edney's family had searched for many years for her grandfather's sisters, taken from the family as children. Lester Coyne's mother could tell her family only little about the relations she had lost when she was removed from her home as a child. A chance conversation at the Alice Springs Conference, led Francis and Lester to discover that they are from the lost families that each has searched for all these years. Lester's mother was one of the Aunties that Francis had heard of, but nearly lost hope of tracing. It was a joyful reunion for both, with the prospect of family get-together and a treasure of lost history to be recovered.