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Students at Pundulumurra College
Students at Pundulumurra College
Taking a flexible approach to community learning.

Pundulmurra College in South Hedland Western Australia is offering a pathway for community members to become formally involved in cultural education.

THE Indigenous Australian Language Workers Program has been developed to ensure that language and culture continue to be taught, and that threatened languages can be supported and strengthened.

Students at Pundulumurra College
Students at Pundulumurra College
The service delivery area of the Indigenous languages programs includes most parts of regional Western Australia. There also students enrolled in NSW, NT, Queensland and Victoria. There are currently three programs delivered in this area. These include the Certificate and Advanced Certificate in Aboriginal Language Work, and the Diploma of Interpreting (Paraprofessional). These courses are available through part-time flexible delivery mode, so that students can stay in their communities and still take advantage of the study.

Most of the languages represented by our students are threatened or weak, and will be dead in a couple of generations without some form of proactive maintenance work. This is because only adults or the older generation are using the language, and not in all speech situations. The languages which are not strong are not being learned by children as their first or, in many cases, even second, language. Even with some of the languages with a fair-sized speaker population, children may not be learning them, and as such they must be

Students at Pundulumurra College
Students at Pundulumurra College
considered weak.

The speakers of these traditional languages are deeply concerned about the future of their languages and are coming to the program to learn strategies to help them preserve and maintain the languages of the old people.

The Indigenous Australian Language Workers Program consists of two stages:

Stage 1 - Certificate in Aboriginal Language Work (CALW)
Stage 2 - Advanced Certificate in Aboriginal Language Work (ACALW).

The aims of the course are:

  • To give Aboriginal people the necessary skills to organise and run language programs in their own communities.
  • To help Aboriginal people make informed decisions about their own languages and take control of their own languages.
  • To develop language workers as trainee linguists with an understanding of the structure of Aboriginal languages
  • To develop culturally relevant resource materials to help language workers to become effective teachers.
  • To promote an awareness of Indigenous Australian languages and assist in the development of Aboriginal Language Programs.
  • To provide training to Aboriginal people who are currently employed in school language programs, language centres and other community based programs/organisations.

Students at Pundulumurra College
Students at Pundulumurra College
Students enrolled in the program have completed projects on topical dictionaries, sound charts, picture dictionaries, language learning activities, and a wide range of children's textbooks. Recently, one of our current students, Karen Reys published her first children's book written in the Badjala language of Fraser Island. It is titled `Gandjau Wangai'. The book and related materials can be obtained from Karmick Multimedia PO Box 165, Landsdale,West Australia 6065.

If you are interested in the courses available, give us a call:

Lorraine Injie (08) 9158 5616
Albert Burgman (08) 9158 5617