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Arenys de Mar | Partal, Arenys, Comarenys, Comarenysarribatangles, Answer, Darenys, Little, Wonder | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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I am writing to you from a little town near Barcelona in Catalunya (Spain). We've been working in a web- site for three years, creating a virtual community.

"La Web d'Arenys" also welcomes all the foreigners with a little home page, which has been translated by us in 23 languages around the world.

I'm writing this letter to beg you to help us to translate the page in an Australian Aboriginal language, so that your people can also be welcomed to Arenys de Mar.

Your help has to be voluntary and free because our page hasn't any income and has no interest in money.

If you wonder how we have arrived at you, the answer is through and a lot of chance.

Thank you very much for your help and we hope that from these lines onwards, we won't be so unknown to each other.

Thank you.
Whatever you can help us or not not, please answer us.

Amunt I bytes!!!! Rafel Munoz
Arenys de Mar
La Web d'Arenys
Come to Arenys