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Committees look at Strategic Plan | National, Language, Committee, Subcommittees, Planning, Project, Delegates, Policy | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Barbara McGillivray
Barbara McGillivray
MEMBERS of the FATSIL Governing Committee have formed two Strategic Planning sub-committees to address the constitutional objectives of the organisation. At the April meeting of the committee in Canberra the tasks set for the sub-committees were:

Right:Barbara McGillivray from Kalgoorlie in Western Australia is a member of the committee formed to promote national awareness of language maintenance activities.

  • To raise national awareness of language maintenance project activities. This will incorporate promotion and planning for the National Indigenous Languages EXPO and Forum in Perth.
  • To address policy issues and to plan/develop policy for language maintenance at a national level.

West Australian Language Commissioner Preston Thomas attended the meeting, and was presented with written recommendations on the role of FATSIL as advisory body in ATSILIP funding process.

There were informative discussions with ATSIC representatives, Colin Strand; Manager Broadcasting and Languages, Lisa Hill, Assistant Manager, and the project officer for the section, Angela King.

A model for the retrieval of statistical data was presented to the delegates by David Nathan, from AIATSIS. The delegates also visited the institute and took time to look into the resources available.