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From the Editor | Christmas, Ysola, Little, Fatsil, Faith, Means, James, Seems | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Faith Baisden
THERE may be some of you who don't know that the FATSIL office has a staff of two part- time workers, which means there aren't too many fights over the leave roster, but the Christmas break-up can get a little predictable.

It also means that when one of us is sick, the chaos level can skyrocket.

Our secretary, Ysola Best is in that predicament at the moment. It's over four months now since anyone has seen her walk fully upright and she faces spending her Christmas holidays recovering from back surgery.

FATSIL members appreciated the effort it took for Ysola to continue planning the AGM, Expo and Forum in Perth, while lying on her back swallowing painkillers. Luckily for us we also had the services of James Reynolds, who was prepared to step in on short notice as conference coordinator.

It seems that this role is a little like having children, it's something no-one can really prepare you for. But our man handled it with clear headed assurance and unshakable calm in the face of occasional 'confusion'.

Thanks again James.
I've been asked by a lot of you to wish Ysola a speedy recovery. I'll certainly second that. (Who wants to eat a whole Christmas pudding on their own?)

Faith Baisden.