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From the Editor | Hundreds, Turn, Made, Goes, Centuries, Century, Faith, Difference | FATSILC, Fed. Aboriginal Torres Strait Island Languages and Culture
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Faith Baisden
WHILE we're all busy celebrating the passing of another century, it's interesting to think of the impact this one had on some vital aspects of our land and heritage.

To a central Australian rock carving the last century made no noticeable difference. To the waves of sand creeping over the middle of the continent it didn't mean a whisker. To the chiselled curves of the coastal rivers it was just another bundle of years, but to the languages of the land, which also had been kicking around undisturbed for hundreds of centuries, it was a stinker.

Our languages ended up in a free-fall towards extinction, after hundreds of centuries of vibrant existence.

About 20 years ago though, the first moves were made to turn things around, and now urgently but with incredible patience, the work to reverse the losses goes on. On page six of this edition you'll see the Tasmanian story - palawa kani - proof if ever anyone needed it that it's not too late to make a difference to what will be recorded in history.

Good luck to everyone for the new year. Here's hoping all of our work goes well, that we encourage each other, and that by year's end, the turn- around will have turned a whole lot further.

Faith Baisden.