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Indigenous Australian Language Studies - North Queensland Institute of TAFE, Cairns Campus
Certificate III. Information Sheet for 2000.

Students from the course on a field trip to Tennant Creek.
Students from the course on a field trip to Tennant Creek.
1. Who is the course designed for?

The Certificate III in Indigenous Australian Language Studies has been designed for Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island people who have an interest and commitment to keeping their traditional languages alive. Your language may still be widely spoken in your community or only spoken occasionally by a small number of people. It may even be the case that there are no fluent speakers of the language, but efforts have been made over recent years to reintroduce it back into the community through various language revival projects. You may have been employed to work on these projects or been involved in other ways.


If you are a speaker of your local language, or only know some of your language, you may want to do this course to learn more about how languages work (what we call linguistics) and also learn some research skills which will help you with your studies and in other ways too. It may also help you to find employment in these areas. If you don't speak your language, but would like to learn it, the course will help you to do this. However, this is NOT intended to teach you to speak a traditional language, either your own or any other.

To do this course it is useful if people have ongoing connections with their own community in order to be able to meet and talk with
Elders and other language speakers, as well as to access the language material which may be held in community keeping places, libraries and archives.

2. What does the course involve?

The Certificate III in Indigenous Australian Language Studies consists of 11 modules (as listed) which you must pass to complete the course.

Indigenous Australian Language Studies (ILW001) which will provide an overview of Indigenous languages at a local, regional and national level.

Introduction to Linguistics (ILW005) which will introduce you to some aspects of linguistics, such as the nature of human language, how different sounds are made, the grammar of languages, and different ways to write Indigenous languages.

Working Culturally — Understanding Identity (WOCUL200) will explore culture, family and identity from an Aboriginal and /or Torres Strait Islander perspective.

Using Audio Equipment (ILW010) will provide you with the knowledge and skills to operate audio transcription equipment to transcribe paragraphs from interviews.

Workplace Communication (NCS001) will provide knowledge, skills and attitudes to communicate effectively in the workplace at a simple, routine, predictable level.

Research and Study Skills (ILW012) will introduce research and study skills needed to succeed with a chosen course of study.

Grammar of Indigenous Australian Languages I (ILW014) will look at the value of words and culture, vocabularies, dictionaries and semantics.

Keyboard (Techniques and Operations) (NOS116) and Computer Operations - Fundamentals (NOS I 43v2) will introduce you to computers and Word Processing Functions - (NOS222v2) Field Work I (ILW017) will prepare learners to plan and participate in a field trip in which they will observe, record and report on languages and cultures.

3. What are the dates for Certificate III in Indigenous Australian Language Studies in 2000 and how long will it take to complete the course?

For full — time students the Certificate III course will run from the 7 February, 2000 until the 16 June, 2000. (18 Weeks to complete the course). For part-time students the Certificate III course will run from Monday 7 February, 2000 to Friday 11 August, 2000 (24 weeks to complete the course).

Proposed dates for the Residential for both full-time and part-time students are:
1. Monday 14 February 2000 to Friday 25 February, 2000 and
2. From Monday 15 May 2000 to Friday 26 May 2000.

The Residential will be held at the Cairns Campus of the Tropical North Queensland Institute of TAFE. Attendance at Residential is not compulsory but highly recommended, as it gives you time to have contact hours with teachers, as well as use the TAFE library and computer services.

3. What support is available during the course?

Teachers of modules will be available during the two weeks of the Residential, both in classes and also outside of class time. You can also contact teachers by phone or fax once you have returned to your community. The Teacher- Coordinator, Jeannie Bell, will also try and make one visit to students at their home community during the course, to provide support with course-work. Jeannie will help you organise your enrolment, as well as arrange travel and accommodation for you to attend the Residential.

Jeannie's phone no. at Cairns TAFE is (07) 40422646.

4. Why do I have to fill out the questionnaire?

Because we can't go to every community and talk face to face with everyone who is interested in applying to do the course, the questionnaire will help us find out more about each person. We will use the information you give us to work out if this course is suitable for you.

5. What financial assistance is available to do this course?

Everyone who enrols in this course will need to fill out an ABSTUDY form, because they will pay you an incidentals allowance to cover the cost of course fee. ABSTUDY will also pay for travel and accommodation for you to attend the Residential in Cairns. As a full-time student you may be eligible for an ABSTUDY living allowance, which is subject to and income test. As a part-time student you will not be eligible for a living allowance. Once you have decided to do the course and you have been told there is a place for you, you will need to fill out an ABSTUDY form and return this as soon as possible to the Centrelink Office in Aplin Street Cairns.

The phone number for any enquiries you may have is 13 23 17